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Ithaca Carshare appreciates and values the trust our members place in us. We are committed to protecting our members’ private, personal information. We strive to communicate clearly what information we collect, the reasons for collecting personal member information, and the ways that the confidentiality of this information is protected.

Ithaca Carshare is an independent non-profit organization, and member information is not automatically shared with other organizations with which we are affiliated. Members (and potential members) can always choose not to provide Ithaca Carshare with some or all personal information; however, this decision may prevent Ithaca Carshare from determining membership eligibility and the ability to provide members with full access to available or requested services. We will not collect your personal information without your consent.


Ithaca Carshare collects personal information so that we can:

  • Determine membership eligibility;
  • Communicate with members about their participation in the carsharing program -including but not limited to follow-up about vehicle bookings and usage, invoices, newsletters, organizational announcements, etc.;
  • Improve our services through member surveys and consultation conducted directly by Ithaca Carshare or by approved third parties;
  • Ensure members are using vehicles in an appropriate manner;
  • Ensure Ithaca Carshare’s vehicle use policies are followed by members; and
  • Comply with legal and insurance requirements.


As part of member participation in the carsharing program, Ithaca Carshare collects a variety of information about its members. Typically, such information includes but is not limited to:

  • Contact information, including your name, home address, telephone number, and email address, and the name and contact information of your emergency contact person;
  • Information pertaining to member eligibility, including birth date and age, driver’s license information, driving records, and auto insurance information;
  • Information pertaining to eligibility for Easy Access membership, including verification of income;
  • Payment information, a record of your payments, encrypted credit or debit card information, or other information that you provide so that we can collect payment;
  • Credit information and history, including your credit report;
  • Vehicle usage information, including timestamps of accessing and locking vehicles, distances driven, driving speeds and current and historical vehicle locations;
  • Membership history at Ithaca Carshare;
  • Employer, school, or other affiliations (such as updated information pertaining to your relationship to those businesses or organizations);
  • Publicly available information.


Ithaca Carshare primarily collects personal information directly from the member through application forms, surveys, member-initiated communications, or information that a member directly requests a third party to send to Ithaca Carshare. If we are communicating with a member by telephone, email or any form of electronic communication, we may record such communication for quality assurance purposes or for any of the purposes listed above under “Reasons for Collecting Personal Information.” In-vehicle carsharing technology systems will provide information on vehicle usage including but not limited to driving speeds and locations. In some appropriate circumstances, we obtain information from third-party sources—for example, affiliated carshare organizations whose members want to become roaming members with Ithaca Carshare. Driving records and credit information may be obtained from third party sources such as insurers or credit reporting agencies, as appropriate.


We treat personal information with respect for privacy. Except as disclosed in the Ithaca Carshare Member Application and Member Agreements and/or as necessary to conduct ordinary business operations, or as specified below, Ithaca Carshare will not disclose any member’s personal information (such as but not limited to name, physical and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, driver’s license number, birth date, social security number, bank and credit card account numbers) without the prior permission of the member.

Our Employees’ Responsibilities: Each of our employees is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all personal information to which they have access. We keep our employees informed about our policies and procedures for protecting personal information, and each employee signs a confidentiality agreement upon being engaged by Ithaca Carshare. In the course of administering Ithaca Carshare service, we may disclose information to other entities. The law permits us to disclose any or all information we have collected about members to entities that perform services on our behalf and to organizations with which we are affiliated. Before disclosing member information to these organizations, we require that they keep it confidential and use it only for the transactions we request.

We may also disclose any or all information in connection with contemplated or ongoing legal or administrative proceedings, a subpoena, court or administrative order, or matters involving threat of imminent harm to you or others or property, or when otherwise required by law to disclose information. In the aforementioned cases, we:

  1. Seek to limit the scope of the disclosure to that which is reasonably required to fulfill the purpose of the disclosure;
  2. Seek to restrict such disclosures only to appropriate authorities;
  3. Undertake reasonable efforts to notify you as far in advance as reasonably possible of such a disclosure (or a request for disclosure), unless: instructed otherwise by a court or other authority with appropriate jurisdiction, or the disclosure is in connection with a criminal investigation or proceeding.

Ithaca Carshare may also release information to your employer if your participation in the carsharing program is coordinated, sponsored, or funded by your employer and disclosure is needed to comply with the employer’s request for information.


In Ithaca Carshare’s operations, we limit access to member information to those workers who have a legitimate business reason for such access. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect personal information from access by unauthorized persons.

Ithaca Carshare does not accept or transmit credit card data by email.


Ithaca Carshare may, without seeking any member’s prior permission, share aggregate or anonymous membership, vehicle usage, or voluntarily-provided demographic information for the purpose of facilitating research intended to promote the public good, or to seek funding for our services.


Ithaca Carshare may share consenting members’ contact information with its partners or other organizations with missions that we believe may be of interest to Ithaca Carshare members. Unless Ithaca Carshare asks if you are willing for us to share your information, and you consent, only your anonymous or aggregate information would be disclosed.


Ithaca Carshare makes every reasonable effort to comply with applicable Anti-Spam Laws. Any member that has received an electronic message in error or has any other concern with Ithaca Carshare’s electronic message policies and practices should contact us.

8 June 2019, subject to change at any time without notice.