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24/7 access to vehicles near you

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Reserve a vehicle at the location of your choice online or by phone.


Unlock the vehicle with your personal keycard.


Drive wherever you like, and return the vehicle where you picked it up.

ShareFact   As of July 2014, there were 44 carsharing programs in North America with 1,625,652 members sharing approximately 24,210 vehicles.

Video: How Carshare Works

We have FAQs including payment information and links to Other Transportation options.

ShareFact   Ithaca Carshare serves nearly 1,500 members with our growing fleet of vehicles including hatchbacks, sedans, a minivan and a truck. Gas and insurance are included! Some vehicles even include solid waste permits and state park passes!

Good for the Community

“Ithaca Carshare is close, convenient, and community-focused. Gotta’ love it!” – Pastor Sonya Hicks

Good for You

“I live on East Hill, work on the Commons, and attend board meetings all over town. I love Ithaca Carshare because wherever I go, my car is already there!” – Mayor Svante Myrick

Good for the Planet

“I use carshare to maintain a bike-centric lifestyle with the occasional need for 4 wheels instead of two. I’ve run the numbers; for the amount I use a car it is far cheaper to share one than to own one!” – Marshall McCormick

Ithaca Carshare is a local nonprofit with the mission of enhancing community access to transportation while reducing negative environmental and economic impacts.

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