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Are you eligible?

All applicants must be at least 18 years old and have held a full & unrestricted license for at least two full years. This does not include driving permits or provisional licenses. All driving records must have a “valid” status, and must have no suspensions in the past 3 years.

Applicants over 21 can have a maximum of two accidents or moving violations on their record within the past three years, and no more than one violation for distracted driving. We are not able to approve members with any of the following violations on record: vehicular manslaughter, excessive speeding, excessive disregard for red lights/stop signs, more than one accident in any 12 month period, reckless or careless driving, DUI/DWI (within 7 years).

  • We need information about all recent driver’s licenses. If you have held a license outside of the United States within the last three years, you’ll need to provide a your driving record from that country, even if your current license is from the US.

Applicants under 21 must have a completely clean record with no violations, accidents or suspensions from any time. They must also be covered by their own insurance policy. Younger drivers must be at least 18 years old and provide two documents:

  • Younger Driver Insurance Consent Form, signed by the owner of the policy (this is likely your parents unless you have your own personal insurance coverage).
  • The Declarations page from the insurance policy. This page must show the name of the applicant as a listed driver on the policy and a liability coverage limit of at least $300,000 per accident. We will not process the application until these documents are submitted.

Applicants age 80 and over: additional restrictions may apply. 

Foreign Licenses

It is possible to become a member with a valid driving license from another country. Applicants with foreign licenses within the last two years must provide an official copy of their driving record that lists any violations, collisions, or suspensions. This record must meet the eligibility requirements listed above. Records that are not in English may take additional processing time for translation. Please note that not all countries provide driving records, and we cannot approve applications from these countries. An International Driving Permit, while strongly recommended for foreign drivers by the DMV, is not a driving record and is not sufficient documentation for us to review your driving history. For help accessing foreign records, see Acquiring Your Foreign Driving Record.

Interested in a refresher on driving in the US? Check out these locally available courses. To offset your course registration fee, we offer the cost of the registration (up to $50) back in driving credit to our members who have completed a course.

Driving in the US
Cornell official translation resources


In 2013, over 600 people applied for membership. 10% of them volunteered to help with car washing and snow shoveling too.