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Ithaca Carshare is a convenient and affordable alternative to reimbursing staff for mileage and the associated record keeping. With an Ithaca Carshare membership, you won’t have to worry about the cost and hassle of owning and maintaining cars for your business. You and your staff get 24/7 access by online or phone booking to our fleet of reliable vehicles. You can have up to ten drivers on one account and see all usage costs on one itemized monthly bill. Plus, you can offer your employees the benefit of a free personal Just in Case membership when they are a driver on your organizational account. Application fees for all business and organizational drivers are $5.

Business and non-profit rates

Both time and distance are charged on each trip.Tax is not included in the rates listed above. 8% NY sales tax and 12% NY special passenger car rental tax apply to hourly and mileage charges.  Application fee is per driver.

Full Day Rate

Most vehicles can be booked for full days at a reduced rate. Cars in our highest demand locations do not get the full day rate. The full day rate caps hourly charges at 10 hours in any 24 hour period. For trips over 24 hours, additional hourly or daily rates will be added as needed. For example, a 26 hour trip is one day plus 2 hours. Note that if any portion of your trip falls into the weekend time (Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm) then the weekend day rates apply. Contact us at for additional discounts on trips over 48 hours.

What local businesses and organizations are using Ithaca Carshare?

Small businesses such as Home Green Home find our plan perfect to occasionally deliver furniture, or fill in as a back up vehicle if the work van is already out. For downtown businesses, free personal memberships are a great benefit to offer employees as part of a commuter package for staff who don’t want to search for parking every day.

Green Street Pharmacy uses carshare for weekday delivery routes.

Cornell University Student and Campus Life rotates staff drivers through their account each semester, using carshare cars to pick up program supplies and transport program participants.

Our low rates for governmental and non-profit agencies are a great deal, Ithaca Carshare helps Friends in Service Helping, the Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council, Hospicare, Sciencenter, and many others with flexible access to vehicles.

What our business members are saying

We love the benefit of free individual memberships offered to staff members. Now, if there are personal errands that need to be run or an emergency comes up, our staff knows they have access to Ithaca Carshare. Since our office is downtown, we are never more than a couple of blocks away from a car.” – Teresa Linde, Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council

It’s so convenient. I use the Green Street car to deliver prescriptions to private residences, as well as several group homes and offices.” –  Green Street Pharmacy

We use carshare vehicles to deliver mattresses and furniture to our customers. It is quick and convenient compared to typical rental trucks, and we like supporting the mission of Ithaca Carshare in reducing Ithaca’s car fleet.” – Joe Nolan, Home Green Home


40% of gasoline used in cities is by people looking for parking. Ithaca Carshare has prime parking locations near you!