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During the COVID-19 pandemic, all drivers and passengers must:
1. Wear a face covering that covers both mouth and nose while in a car – this is a NY law!
2. Use the provided hand sanitizer upon entering a car.
3. NOT use carshare vehicles with any COVID-19 symptoms or known exposure.


Buy now, drive later! Purchasing pre-paid credits on your carshare account for use later can help us weather the COVID-19 storm while continuing to offer low cost access to vehicles when you need them. We’re offering 5% off pre-purchases of $100+, and 10% off pre-purchases of $200+.
E-mail or call us to make a purchase!

Member Resources

Review the Member Handbook, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and how to close your account.

There are many other transportation resources in Tompkins County to help you get around smoothly! Take a look at our list, or call 2-1-1 information and referral.

Insurance Notice

Please be aware that as of June 2016, our insurance company no longer offers us an option to provide $1 million in liability coverage to our members. The current policy provides coverage for third party liability claims up to Minimum Financial Responsibility Limits in New York State. In the event of damage or claims arising from your use of Ithaca Carshare vehicles, members are responsible for the first $500 and anything beyond this coverage. We continue to search for options available in New York State to increase our coverage for members above these levels. Click here to see some options that may be available to you personally to increase your coverage beyond these levels.


Interested in volunteering? We have a great crew of volunteers that help with car cleanings, snow shoveling, and outreach activities. Volunteers receive driving credits in exchange for their help. Sign up by filling out the volunteer questionnaire.