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Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be received within 60 days of the time a charge is posted. Refunds will be made at Ithaca Carshare’s sole discretion within 60 days of the request. Application fees are non-refundable. Please view the eligibility requirements before applying to avoid a surprise.

Upon account closing, all driving credits expire, and credit balances under $5.00 are forfeited unless a refund is requested before the end of the calendar month of account closing. Credit balances over $5.00 will be refunded within 60 days of account closing.

Closing Your Account

To request your account to be closed, please email, call us at 607.277.3210 x3, or stop by the office. Within 60 days following the termination or cancellation of your agreement, your remaining account balance will be charged or any outstanding credit will be reimbursed to you, after deducting any amount you owe. Should the account balance not cover what you owe us, Ithaca Carshare reserves the right to take necessary action to recover the full amount. Upon quitting, all remaining driving credits will expire, and account balances under $5.00 in the member’s favor will be forfeited unless you make a specific request.