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Good for You

  • You can save hundreds per month in avoided gas, maintenance, parking, and insurance costs, plus avoid the headache of dealing with it all.
  • You’ll rediscover the pleasures of walking or riding a bike instead of always hopping in a car.
  • Carshare members typically put more thought into planning trips, and spend less time on errands.
  • You’ll contribute to a healthier planet without giving up the freedom of a car. That does feel good!

Good for the Planet

  • Carshare members walk, bike, and bus more. An active transportation lifestyle is good for you and the planet.
  • Our members reduce their car usage as much as 50% by combining multiple trips. You think carefully about whether you really need to drive when you have to pay per trip. Combining trips reduces fossil fuel usage, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Carshare vehicles are new and fuel-efficient. We continue to increase the number of hybrids in our fleet.

Good for the Community

  • Studies show that for each carshare vehicle, around 15.3 privately owned vehicles come off the road. That has already meant 400 fewer cars in our community!
  • Fewer cars and less driving relieves parking pressure, traffic congestion, and wear and tear on roads.
  • Carshare vehicles increase neighborhood residents’ quality of life and freedom of mobility.
  • Carsharing means less space and money devoted to parking (for you and for your tax-funded government).
  • Carsharing saves money for small businesses and government agencies.

A thirty minute daily commute equates to over ten hours of sitting in a car each month. Carshare members tend to bike, walk, or take the bus instead.