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Send a general inquiry to the Ithaca Carshare team.

Call us at 607.277.3210:

  • x2 reaches staff 24/7. Usually you’ll get Grace or Nelson, who can help you through your booking or vehicle issue. In the middle of the night, keep it to urgent issues!
  • x3 reaches us during office hours; leave a message other times and we will get back to you.
  • x4 is our damage voicemail line. Perfect for reporting a ding at 3 am, but call the 24-hour line if you’re in any kind of crash.

You can reach us by phone during office hours, noon to 5 pm most weekdays. Our public office is closed to in-person visits due to COVID-19.

Jennifer Dotson, Executive Director, CCT:, 607.277.3210 x5

Anna Cook, Associate Director, CCT:, 607.277.3210 x6

Erik Shanton, Operations Manager:, 607.277.3210 x8

Matt Nelson, Fleet Coordinator & On-Call Member Services Assistant:

Grace Johnston, Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator & On-Call Member Services Assistant:

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Ithaca Carshare is a part of the 501(c)3 non-profit Center for Community Transportation, which also includes Bike Walk Tompkins and Backup Ride Home, and which works in collaboration with other community transportation programs, including GO ITHACA.


Personally-owned cars are only used 7% of the time on average, traveling an average of 12,000 miles per year.