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Send a general inquiry to the Ithaca Carshare team.

Call us at 607.277.3210:

  • x2 reaches staff 24/7. Usually you’ll get Shelley or Matthew, who can help you through your booking or vehicle issue. In the middle of the night, keep it to urgent issues!
  • x3 reaches us during office hours; leave a message other times and we will get back to you.
  • x4 is our damage voicemail line. Perfect for reporting a ding at 3 am, but call the 24-hour line if you’re in any kind of crash.

You can find us during office hours, noon to 5 pm most weekdays, at 315 N. Aurora St (as of Oct 2, 2018). We’re on the ground floor of the carriage house behind the big green house (317 N. Aurora).

Jennifer Dotson, Executive Director:, 607.277.3210 x5

Anna Cook, Associate Director:, 607.277.3210 x6

Erik Shanton, Fleet Manager:, 607.277.3210 x8

Katie Kelly, Member Services Manager:

Matthew Valvo and Shelley Rogers, Membership Assistants:

Ithaca Carshare is also the parent organization for Bike Walk Tompkins. Click over to their website and check out the great work Vikki and Hector are doing.


Personally-owned cars are only used 7% of the time on average, traveling an average of 12,000 miles per year.