Ithaca Carshare members tend to drive less than the average car owner.  We estimate that through carsharing, our members avoid around 200 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions  per year!  Even so, our fleet's carbon footprint is 70-90 metric tons per year.  In recognition of this impact, we are giving back to our community by participating in the Finger Lakes Climate Fund "Seal The Cracks" campaign. 

This local program uses carbon-offset donations to fund energy efficiency projects that would not otherwise be possible in lower-income households, increasing their comfort while reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Offsets work by ensuring that for each ton of fossil carbon emissions from your unavoidable travel or household energy use, you pay for reducing one ton of someone else's carbon emissions.  

The neat thing about this carbon offset program is that the money is spent in our community! Funds from "Seal The Cracks" will employ local businesses to install insulation, air sealing, efficient heating equipment, and other upgrades in lower-income households to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Ithaca Carshare plans to offset the emissions from all of our members' driving in November and December 2015.

We encourage you, our members, to join us in this! Consider offsetting some of your own carshare travel miles from earlier in 2015. Buying an offset for 100 miles driven at our average fuel economy of 31 mpg only costs $0.63!  Let us know if you want to add your driving miles to our contribution, so that we can track the total number of carshare miles offset in 2015. 

Thank you for helping us "Seal The Cracks" in our community and reduce fossil fuel emissions!  

Check out Sustainable Tompkins and the Finger Lake Climate fund online:

Facebook: @Finger Lakes Climate Fund